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Networking for Mountain Sustainability

A Report

Resources Guide

September 2022

From the Telluride Institute and the Aspen International Mountain Foundation

Prepared for the United Nations Mountain Partnership


The Resources postings and links that follow are intended as a snapshot of recent and current organizations and initiatives relevant to mountain areas sustainability efforts around the planet, all with varied network (web, data and social media) presence, demonstrating a wealth of opportunities for research, education, partnerships, support and cooperative work.

Almost all mountain eco-action organizations, programs and projects have some variability of Internetworking connectivity, and there are organizations and initiatives dedicated to helping connect most in-need people and communities around the world. The primary focus of this Report has emerged to be on applications, partnerships, support and shared learning.

It is clearly evident that this Resource Guide is a work-in-progress, needing to be an interactive online resource that can be updated and added to on a daily basis, with key word search capability, participatory input, conversational exchanges, information editing authorizations and questions.

There may be inaccuracies, out of date information and inactive web links among the listings.

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